Welcome, Witaj, Hola!

We cordially invite children in age from 6 month to 6 year where your little ones will be surrounded by care and will be able to develop their talents.

Polish, Spanish, English all day

We talk to children in three languages and kids can freely use them in the natural way.

Rich offer of additional classes

Zumba, Correctional gymnastics,Music classes, Speech therapy, Arts, Jolly phonics, the educational classes in accordance with the MEN program (Polish Ministry of Education)


Cooperation driven with the wealth for the individual

We are aware that every child is exceptional. Building the interaction between children we care that kids could develop their own talents.


We educate in the spirit of creativity rather than imitativeness

We reinforce the curiosity about the life, we teach that there is more than one way to follow. We encourage to the self-reliance.


We are open to various cultures and experience

Thanks to the easiness of travelling, the Internet and the international cooperation the borders in our world fad away . Accustoming children to various cultures we facilitate the take-off for them in the global village. We care simultaneously so that they are aware where they come from


Healthier living, in accordance with the nature

Our institution is located in a quiet, green, Orłowo district, in the villa surrounded with trees and bushes, away from tumult of streets and exhaust fumes. Thanks to the big garden children can freely play in own playground in the fresh air.


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